Diary of Dreams--Support: Us


10 Oktober 2019 20:00

Diary of Dreams--Support: Us

Eden ist kein Ort. Eden ist eine Maschine; so lauten die ersten Worte vom Begleittext des 13. Albums von Diary of Dreams. Dachte man auf den ersten Blick, den textlichen Inhalt von „hell in Eden“ erahnen zu können, so belehren uns bereits diese wenigen Worte eines Besseren und offenbaren eine leise Vorahnung der tatsächlichen Bandbreite. Musikalisch ist „hell in Eden“ energiegeladen und bombastisch wie nie zuvor, aber auch warm, düster und zerbrechlich. Das Album erreicht uns bereits mit dem ersten Ton und konstruiert in unseren Köpfen eine Phantasiewelt, in der wir uns regelrecht verlieren können. Was für ein Schlag ist Adrian Hates da wieder gelungen? 13 unglaublich intensive und emotionale Hymnen in den verschiedensten Stimmungen und Farben machen dieses Album zu einem ganz besonderen Konzeptwerk, welches das Zeug zum Meilenstein hat; für Adrian selbst schon jetzt ein Lieblingsalbum. Entdecken wir also mit ihm das neue Kapitel in seinem Tagebuch der Träume.

“Epicon” Official video: https://youtu.be/xMDnA67fFV4

Mehr Infos zu Diary of Dreams findet ihr hier: https://www.diaryofdreams.de

Eden is no place. Eden is a machine – so it says in the beginning of the liner notes to the 13th album by Diary of Dreams. If you thought you could grasp the lyrical contents of “hell in Eden” with a quick glance, these words prove differently and offer a first taste of the actual scope. Musically, “hell in Eden” is as energetic and monumental as no other Diary album has ever been before, but at the same time, it is also warm, dark and fragile. It touches you from the very first note and builds up a fantasy world in your head, tempting you to lose yourself completely in its magic. Adrian Hates has come up with another masterpiece: 13 incredibly intense and emotional hymns in a wide variety of moods and colors come together to make up a very  special conceptual work with clear milestone potential. Adrian himself already lists “hell in Eden” amongst his favorite albums. Let’s join him and discover the new chapter in his diary of dreams.

“Epicon” Official video: https://youtu.be/xMDnA67fFV4

Find more details about Diary of Dreams here: https://www.diaryofdreams.de








On May 17, the Stockholm-based electronic duo Us released their long-awaited debut album ‘First Contact‘, 11 filmic electronic pop songs that most certainly will appeal to fans of Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Muse and Jean-Michel Jarre.

It's the intriguing result of a collaboration between Andrew Montgomery (vocals), ex-singer of Scottish band Geneva, and Leo Josefsson (machines), the frontman of Swedish band Lowe. The pair started writing together in 2015, a few months after Montgomery had relocated to Sweden.

‘First Contact’ features underground hits ‘Mute’ and ‘Voyager’, as well as tracks that are soon-to-be-essential listening, such as ‘Technicolor’, ‘In Denial’, ‘As a Child’ and ‘Never Get Over’.

‘It took us four years to put together this album, but it’s been an absolute blast. I feel as if Leo’s synths and my vocals are a match made in musical heaven.’ says Andrew Montgomery.

Us - artist page (Spotify):

Us - First contact (trailer):

Us - Voyager (live at Debaser, Stockholm)

Us - Till the Dying of the Light (official video):

Us - Mute (official video)

Us - My Heart’s Desire (official video):

Us - a short biography
With a unique voice that’s equal parts choirboy and soul boy, Andrew Montgomery made waves in the Britpop era with Geneva, scoring four emotive Top 40 singles and two critically-feted albums (‘Further' and 'Weather Underground’) on Nude Records between 1996 and 2000, touring with label mates Suede along the way. In 2014, after a long silence, he released his debut solo album ’Ruled by Dreams’, produced by Sean McGhee (Robyn, Alison Moyet, Imogen Heap). The album attracted rave reviews in Q (4 stars) and Uncut (7/10).
Leo Josefsson is a luminary of the Stockholm synth scene with the bands Lowe and Statemachine, whose work has been recognised with several Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards, including Best Newcomer, Best Live Act, Best Song and Best Album. He's also a respected video director who’s worked with the likes of Kent, Miriam Bryant, Tilly & Elephant, Eric Saade, The Mobile Homes and Smith & Thell, and has technical direction credits for Rihanna and Robyn. He has a growing collection of analogue synthesisers that are taking over his studio by stealth.
Us play widescreen, beautiful, electronic music that is the dystopian film soundtrack to the end of an affair or a broken dream, combining Leo's epic wall of synths with Andrew’s distinctive three-octave vocals.
”Heart-stoppingly dark art-electro!” The Herald

”Us is on the rise, ones to watch for in 2019”. The Scottish Sun

Us social media: