“ROSS THE BOSS", --Wird verlegt--Neuer Termin wird, wenn wir ihn haben bekanntgegeben


02 April 2020 20:00

“ROSS THE BOSS", --Wird verlegt--Neuer Termin wird, wenn wir ihn haben bekanntgegeben

Liebe Gäste,

aufgrund der aktuellen Situation müssen wir  das Konzert „Ross the Boss“  leider verlegen.

Neuer Termin:   Wird bekanntgegeben

Alle Karten behalten für diesen Termin Ihre Gültigkeit oder können selbstverständlich auch an den entsprechenden VVK-Stelle zurückgegeben werden.

KUBANA live Club

ROSS THE BOSS announces European Tour of Fire 2020
After the successful release of 'By Blood Sworn' in 2018, a full European tour and glorius festival
shows all over Europe, the ROSS THE BOSS band returns to Europe in April 2020 to promote their
upcoming new album on AFM Records:
‚We The Ross the Boss Band are really excited to announce this monster Euro tour. After working
so hard this year on our new record Born of Fire, we are ready to unleash it. But dont worry, we
are still playing all the classic tunes that WE ALL LOVE. Do not miss these shows. It’s an amazing
package of unbridled metallic and RnR power!!!‘
Ross and his band are teaming up with the Swiss all girl metal outfit BURNING WITCHES and the
UK Rock N' Metal psychos ASOMVEL.
The Burning Witches will release their new album in March on Nuclear Blast Records:
‚Those are exciting news for us - of course we are big MANOWAR fans! So when we got asked to
join ROSS THE BOSS on this European tour, we were thrilled & flabbergasted! It is a big honor to
share the stage with such great & experienced musicians! This is a kick ass billing for Heavy Metal
maniacs – we hope to see many WITCHES disciples out there next April!‘
And Ralph from Asomvel comments:
“If you think ASOMVEL is excited to be part of this Ross the Boss tour, come around & check our
METAL HAMMER, Guitar, Metal.de, Tough Magazine, Kalle Rock & Dragon Productions present:
Tour of Fire - Europe 2020

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