BLOODBOUND--Support: Arion--Metalite--Veonity


10 März 2022 19:30

BLOODBOUND--Support: Arion--Metalite--Veonity

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BLOODBOUND holen nach dem letzten Album"Rise Of The Dragon Empire" erneut zumHammerschlag aus und legen mit "Creatures Of TheDark Realm" eine Extra Schippe Epicness drauf! DieSchweden haben mit diesem Album ihrem eigenen,besonderen Stil erneut einen großartigen Schliffverliehen und eröffnen uns einen tiefen Einblick ineine musikalische Wunderwelt. Nachdem bereits dieletzten beiden Alben in DeutschlandChartplatzierungen errungen haben, ist „CreaturesOf The Dark Realm“ angetreten, um diese nochtoppen und unter anderem auch Fans von Sabaton,Powerwolf und Nightwish zu begeistern und zuBloodbound-Anhängern machen.


After skyrocketing out of nowhere to the public eye as teenagers with the Finnish Eurovision qualification program UMK and their impressive debut EP and subsequent album “Last Of Us” (2014, Ranka Kustannus) Finnish melodic metal stalwarts Ariontook their operation to next level with the internationally released sophomore long player “Life Is Not Beautiful” (2018, AFM Records)and it’s singles, including the Spotify hit “At the Break of Dawn” (featuring Elize Ryd of Amaranthe fame) . This, and astring of jaw-dropping live performances in places like Helsinki’s prestigious Tuska Open Air Metal Festival and Japan’s legendary Loud Park festival have already proved Arion has everything it takes to be an international powerhouse in melodic metal.Famous for their majestic melodies, lush arrangements and nonpareil musical chops,Arion are now gearing up for their next evolutionary leap with “Vultures Die Alone”. And what a treat it is. Now closing in ontheir 1stdecade of existence, the fabulous fivesome of Finns get punchy. Their third outing “Vultures Die Alone”(out April 21st, 2021 via AFM Records) redefines melodic metal for 2021 and beyond. Beautifully balanced, meticulously honed, and streamlined to modern metal perfection, Arion’s 3rd album “Vultures Die Alone” is an extremely addictive album. It is like a 10–round bout against a true heavyweight contender... who goes at you with kid gloves.From the fierce opening riffs of “Out of My Life” to the ending salvo of “I Don’t Fear You”, you’ll get gently pummeled to sweet oblivion with a flurry of catchy melodies.You will be breezily battered by a barrage of nimble riffs while Lassi Vääränen’s vocal delivery throws a jab after another until your ears ringwith happiness. Guitarist Iivo Kaipainen‘s frenetic fretwork dances like a butterfly and stings like a bee while you can’t but marvel the overall musical aptitudeof Arttu Vauhkonen (keys), Georgi Velinov (bass), and Topias Kupiainen (drums).Finally, the two guest appearances –by Battle Beast’s metal goddess Noora Louhimo in the album’s leadingsingle “Bloodline”,and Finland’s newestmodern pop metalsensation Cyan Kicks in “In the Name of Love” –are the combo of uppercuts that will have you on the ropes and eventually dropsyou down for the count that is the soothingly beautiful coda “Until Eternity Ends”.This triumph was achieved with the assistance of seasoned cornermen. “Vultures Die Alone”was produced with Matias Kupiainen(Stratovarius) at the helm and expertly mixed by Adam "Nolly" Getgood (Periphery).“Vultures Die Alone” is a spectacular TKO in 9th. Don’t tell me you don’t want a re-match.


With Metalites expertly use of electronic elements, influenced by the Trance Era of early 21st century, sphaeric layers mix with flirring sequences and stoic beats fit like a second skin for the massive, melodic and outrageous catchy soundwall. But also the new singer Erica Ohlsson shapes that energetic sound.

Metalite was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015 when Edwin Premberg [guitar] met Emma Bensing [vocals]. He presented his musical ideas and vision to her, and she agreed to join the band. The goal was to write and record melodic and memorable metal songs with a modern and fresh sound.
Edwin and Emma started to co-operate with the Danish producer Jacob Hansen [Volbeat, Evergrey, Amaranthe] and songs started to take shape. During 2016 Metalite found three experienced musicians that agreed to join the band: Lea Larsson [drums], Robert Örnesved [guitar] and Robert Majd [bass].

A deal was signed with the Swedish label Inner Wound Recordings, and the Metalite debut album "Heroes In Time"was released in October 2017.

"Afterlife", the first single from the first album showcase the Metalite sound in a perfect way, but other songs from the album like "Nightmare", "Heroes In Time" or "Purpose of Life" are just as likely to become fan favorites.

In 2019 the line-up and Emma was replaced by the fantastic and talented singer Erica Ohlsson and a new label contract was signed with AFM Records. Now 2021 The third "A Virtual World" was released 26th of March.


Veonity is a Swedish power metal band playing energetic, guitar-driven music reminiscent of the late 90’s German/Swedish sound: powerful choruses, majestic choirs and catchy refrains with no additional fuss.Veonitywas established in 2013 by their love for bands like Helloween, Gamma Ray, Stratovarious and Edguy and a vision to create epic songs that never die. Still featuring the same line-up they continue to build on those foundations.Veonitytoured with Powerwolf, Freedom Call andshared the stage with bands like Sabaton, Dragonforce and Sonata Artica. Even the biggest metal festival in theircountry, Sweden Rock Festival, could not resist to invite the band in June 2017.Veonityhas previously releasedfour Studio Albums and are currently working on their fifth album they are aiming to deliver their most epic piece so far! Expect all the classic elements of powermetal wrapped in a glorious fantasy story. Planned for release early 2022 by Scarlet Records

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